My Style…Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin

by Feferity

By HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin.

Amiable media personality, Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, an authentic Yoruba princess, Pan-African royal, social entrepreneur, community advocate and cultural ambassador. HRH here kick-starts an insight into the fashion modules of high-profile power dressers. Starting with herself….

What dictates my style of dressing (mood, work ethics, cultural outings etc?)
My Style of Dressing is actually dictated by how I am feeling or my mood on that particular day or occasion…Though I do have specific traditional regalia and outfits that are usually appropriate for the event or function that I am attending…But interestingly, I am known not to stress about spending precious time planning ahead for my outfit, apart from a very important royal or family event, most times I am a ‘last minute’ kinda person when it comes to picking out outfits, but I always do surprise myself by coming up tops with whatever I eventually choose to adorn for any occasion!

My favourite colours and mix, fabrics etc.

Hmmmm…These are the few of my favourite things! I often have my royal designers and stylists mix my fabrics, say Ankara with pure silk or satin, sometimes I mix Adire with lace or maybe Aso Oke with lace or Ankara…I would try all colours, as I do have an affinity with every colour, but my favourite two remain purple and gold, probably because they both depict royalty, of which I am very proud to be one! As we know the Colour Purple is often associated with Royalty, Nobility, Luxury, Power and Ambition. Purple can also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence and even magic! On the other hand, the Colour Gold is a close relative to the Colour Yellow and the Colour BrownGold is also associated with illumination, Love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom. Gold is a very Precious Metal associated with wealth, grandeur, prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz and glamour…So, for me to always embrace & adorn these two colours, one can easily know my royal personality and regal Character at all times…

Spousal influence – do you dress him, or does your partner influence your choice of dresses?
Actually, my husband trusts my judgement implicitly so he usually likes anything I pick out to wear and also lets me choose the outfits he wears too. When we were much younger, he had quite a trendy dress sense, but I guess with age he just prefers to dress in a more conservative manner and simply allows me to take care of such minor things…

What would you say in relation to the reactions of foreigners to the national dresses of Africans, specifically Nigerians?
I think Non-Africans & Non-Nigerians are always in awe of our traditional regalia and are quite taken aback with how we are able to put it all together so effortlessly, especially our headgear/Gele for ladies
Describe the Nigerian national dressing in three words!
Eye-Catching, Authentic & Colourful!

Project the future for African/Nigerian fashion. Where do you see it in 10 years?
African/Nigerian Fashion is already on the world stage and have been making grand statements on global fashion-show catwalks and runways for so many years…But even more so in the past 10 years or so, when we began to see high profile personalities like America’s ex-1st Lady Michelle Obama and entertainment celebrities like Beyoncé adorning African Prints and Nigerian made outfits! When we Pan-Africans or Nigerians dress up, it is to make a bold statement announcing our entrance and also to maintain our presence at any gathering, as we always hold everyone in rapt attention…

What are the possibilities / potentialities for the African fashionistas? Do you see a boom like in the Nollywood situation?
We will continue to make waves in the global fashion industry as our designers and stylists are exceptionally creative with the various pieces of work they keep churning out daily. In fact, the Nollywood phenomenon has become one of the platforms that has helped to project the potentials of the African & Nigerian fashion scene…My take on this is that our African/Nigerian fashion designers & style icons have become the trendsetters of the 21st Century!…

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