Pastor (Mrs) Yemi Adesan

by Feferity

“I am from Ondo city in Ondo State of Nigeria. Ondo people have various colours of Aso Oke for different occasions; wine, beige, black and blue etc. Fashion comes effortlessly for me. I don’t follow fashion, I set fashion trends. I represent the Creator wherever I go, so His Awesomeness must speak out of my life without me saying a word.”


What dictates your style of dressing (mood, work ethics, cultural outings etc.?)

Cultural outings plus the Creator’s representative where ever I go

Your favourite colours and mix, fabrics etc.

Gold, red/burgundy/wine, Alari is the best fabric of Ondo people

Spousal influence – do you dress him, or does your partner influence your choice of dresses?

I dressed my husband in full royalty

What would you say in relation to the reactions of non-Africans to the national dresses of Africans, specifically Nigerians? Most people love our royal outfit, it stands out and no apologies for it

Describe the Nigerian national dressing in three words!

Dignified, Uniquely Outstanding.

Project the future for African/Nigerian fashion. Where do you see it in 10 years?

Breaking trends, grounds and barriers

What are the possibilities/potentialities for the African fashionistas? Do you see a boom such as lately witnessed in the movie industry (i.e. Nigeria’s Nollywood or Ghana’s Ghallywood)?

We need leaders to showcase and celebrate our fashion trends in more marketable ways.




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