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by Feferity

..with Michelle K!

I am a social marketing entrepreneur creating life freedom with my online health and wellness business and helping others to do the same. Working full time to just get by and pay the bills and living life in the fast lane wasn’t serving me, so I decided to take control of my deteriorating health and start a business that meant in just 5-7 years I could leave my full-time job for good and gain an abundance of both time and money in my life.


Not so long ago, I would have been the first to tell you to stop worrying about what you eat and spending precious drinking time in the gym! Go out and eat that cake and have that extra shot at the bar as life is just too short! All this has changed massively. Putting on an extra few pounds after quitting smoking and eating everything in sight made me a person I don’t want to meet again. I felt unhappy and unconfident. I decided, leading up to my wedding, to change things for the better and started going to the gym regularly. I also decided to take what I ate seriously making sure I kept to a clean diet and cut out refined sugar, processed foods and saturated fats. In time I could feel massive changes in my body with the good quality food and started to look and feel much better. I also started to enjoy the gym and the community it provided. It’s the small changes over time that make the amazing end results.



On pursuing this healthy lifestyle, I met some amazing people who all wanted to know what I used for products not only for my skin which was looking much better but also what gym supplements I took as well. I was quite a diva about my products and only used the best! It seemed to me to be ludicrous that I was referring people to the products and not getting paid for it. Shortly after, I decided to start my own online botanically-based health and wellness business. This was the start of amazing things to come!

The products are second to none and they have given me not only the results I desire, but a chance to build a business online in my spare time that will eventually be my way out of the rat race of London! I now teach and train people to do the same. I mentor several people at the moment with advice and coaching on how to start their own online business and it’s a passion I simply can’t get enough of!


I am always open to telling people more, so do get in contact if you are interested in knowing how to create this lifestyle of freedom and change your health and future forever. We can make this happen together. I look forward to sharing more about health and product advice with you soon.

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