by Franklyn Frantos (Snr)

 Frankly(n) Speaking, it is now a daily ritual or occurrence, to think twice when you watch a piece of news, video or read a story on Facebook or other social media platform to either believe it or not. Is it FAKE or FACT! if you read the first part of this story, welcome back. You probably picked something that may be useful, bravo. A soul is saved so let’s crack on. If not, click or copy this link – https://feferity.com/the-unothordox-use-of-the-social-media-facebook-in-particular/ – and see the beginning of what the discussion is all about. Today is for those who are positively using social media to impact on others.


People on the phone probably sharing on social media

The list is inexhaustive but can only do few, so it won’t be seen as praise-singing. My conclusion will mention why we all need to use social media to our advantage and for others benefit at large. Not for tearing each other apart or pulling ourselves down like some Nigerians in the diaspora are doing right now on the platform.

Let me start with someone who is dear to me. A lady of immense talent, a fighter with a massive can-do attitude. Despite all obstacles in her way, she is doing so much to promote others because she believes you grow when you help others grow.

Veronica Olabisi Obadara- VOO

Using her platform – www.worldofvoo.com and via Facebook, Veronica ‘Bisi Obadara, a consummate broadcaster with a passion for promoting the good cause. While others bad mouth each other, using foul unsavoury languages to describe themselves here and there on the social media platform, she uses wisdom quotes and the Bible passages to appeal to conscience. So much energy in this young lady, I wish someone will tap into her and receive because she has a lot to offer.

The Movers & Shakers on Facebook (My own perception)

These lovely people are the ones that are really sharing information/knowledge and adding fun to Facebook. In no particular order. (l heard you murmuring, but na you sabi. I can only talk about what and those I know) ‘Bro solo Makinde’. I will say a little about each and everyone I mention in this piece for posterity.

On the international stage, the majority of people use Facebook to inspire others and they make money while doing that. Although, we have bad eggs too but more use it for good.

Khalid Al Ameri

Khalid Al Ameri https://www.facebook.com/khalidalameri/

This man quit his job to make Facebook videos about life, love and the family with his wife and sometimes with the children. He has over one million followers and I am sure raking in huge sums monthly from monetising his videos. Check out one of his videos – – https://www.facebook.com/khalidalameri/videos/659496424536366/

His aim, to change the world’s perception of his country and religion. He surely is doing a fantastic job because his followers cut across countries and religion.

Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin

Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin. his woman is a household name. If you watch TV in the early to late 80’s you should know her. She was a constant face on NTA and sister channels presenting programs to millions of viewers. Even at over sixty, with grandchildren running around in her living room, she still looks radiant, glamorous and elegant. She is a lady with style and of many hats. On her Facebook page, you will see her doing what she does best. Promoting PAN Africanism or one good cause or the other. She belongs to many charitable organisations and her platform is where she creates awareness for the roles these charities play in the society. The Ijebuness in her is very infectious. She wears her origin as she wears her clothes. As an Ijebu princess, she proudly promotes her origin and represents the Ijebus globally. I even heard some of her non-Ijebu friends had become Ijebu just for her sake because they like what she is doing as a PAN Africanist. Many have gained from what she is doing. She is definitely not slowing down anytime soon.

Sola Salako-Ajulo, (my namesake). This lady is a fighter, a champion of the masses and defender of the oppressed. She is at the forefront of ensuring consumers get what they are entitled to and not been cheated by companies and organization’s especially those banks… those bankers and those banks who made fortune out of the banking masses. Uhmmm……. With her consumer protection charity organisation, the fear of Sola is the beginning of wisdom for those banks and bankers. Some of them bowed to her and rescind their exorbitant charges after she confronted them.

Sola Salako-Ajulo

On her wall is the information of what to do when you feel cheated out of your hard-earned money or how to avoid being cheated by these corporate cheaters. She’s got a crowd of loyalist behind her. One time like this ehn, she made a whole Senator creep out of his enclave to answer to the people. That is the power of Sola using social networking platform for what it is meant for. Even with her goodwill, doing what she thinks can benefit mankind, you will see some loafers who we sometimes call “waka pass” or “the kunjos” they are hugely unwanted, uninvited to a discussion but you will hear them jumping to a conclusion or abusing and throwing punches. Mind you, a lot of these guys are “alainikanse’s” (what does that really mean in English sef?) they are hugely jobless, unlettered, mostly uncourteous, lacking finesse or decorum and their behavioural tendencies are unwholesome. Many at times, she had to tell them off and ‘defriend’ a lot. Well, I am still her friend sha! So, I think. (Shola is now a special adviser to the Governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria) but still from time to time champions the cause for consumer protection.


Mr Akintokunbo Adejumo

Akintokunbo Adejumo — “Babatoks” for short. This my egbon is another enigma. A man of many parts, and a champion for Nigeria, very articulate, funny with an affable personality. There is no dull moment with this man. Babatoks, as he is fondly called, is also very helpful and a ready hand whenever he can render his help. On his wall, he has helped many to gain employment with information’s he shares. He also will crack you up with some of his ever-ready jokes and humour about life, marriage and parenting. Babatoks is a staunch member, in fact, one of the early and regular patrons of the Oyelana’s — Emukay restaurant in London where he gets a special sitting at the front row just directly opposite Uncle Tunji Oyelana when he starts playing his gig. Babatoks also is a current affairs commentator, using his wall, to tell the truth about politics and politicians. He was a regular guest on my radio shows on N-Power Radio, here in London in the early days. An interviewer’s delight. Come and see how some ‘salu elenugboro’ will run their mouth on his wall and he will give it to them straight like a soldier. One of the many jokes Babatoks posted on his wall which I will never forget is the one that happened in a restaurant when a dinner pretended to be speaking to someone on the phone about the wife and everyone ran away leaving their girlfriends. So funny.

Omolara Wise — Another stallion on social networking platform. She preaches goodness and virtuousness on her wall with daily stories, information on how to be a good wife, husband, mother, sister, brother and neighbour. Most good worthy information never gets pass her without sharing to her beloved followers and would-be beneficiaries.

Omolara Wise

She is friendly and kind to a fault. Her charitable side will also raise money for the needy for medical purposes. (Known her for ages). You must be very privileged and noteworthy for Lara to mention you on her wall, woe betides you if you do any “mogbo moya” and put your stinking mouth or running ink into any discussion you don’t know the background or abuse another contributor on her wall. Uhmmm. (Lara ti ko gba gbere) She also writes tributes of other deserving individuals on her wall just as she gives us every night, a bedtime humour which resonates till the following day as you recount them. Ah! Lara you no go kill person). That is not all about her o, some of you may also know her as — Basirat, the mother of Musbau – (Yomi Odunuga) as she will feature in some other saga called “MO Fe To Clan” along the line. Stay with me.

Gbenga Aruleba —Just as Lara and Sola above, his name is synonymous with daytime TV but best known (to us mainly who have the privilege of being added as a friend) — (We have been friends for over three-decade, his wife is a very close friend too) as Oga Gbenga in the MO Fe To Clan saga. These are the reason some of us go on Facebook. Day in day out, there is always an episode of the clan with ‘Sura de Taylor’ — Emeka Opara or it’s either Basirat — Lara Wise (remember her?) is doing this or the Cardinal is doing that with his ‘shurch’ members.

Gbenga Aruleba

The “MO Fe To Clan” characters make me laugh with their write-ups and fun poking at each other without any acrimonious feelings to one another. Fun I will say and that is social networking for you. Also, on his wall, I have come to see and know the faces of many highly placed politicians who have been guests on his daytime program. An ardent Chelsea supporter, he can fight you to anything if you bad mouth his cherished club – Chelsea. That is one area we disagree from afar, although because I am a Man U supporter and Red & Blue nor dey mix. He is the writer, composer, director and the treasurer of the ‘shurch’ of MO Fe To Clan. I heard he makes sure the tithes get counted after the Cardinal — Emeka Opara had gone home after the service. We need to make that story into a TV series one day and we will serialise it here on Feferity.

You will agree with me that using social media should be for good, for fun and spreading genuine information. Using it to our advantage and benefit of others should be the primary goal not spreading fake news just to malign others or to score cheap revenge. But as we do, negatively or positively, the owners and right-thinking ones in the society are making millions from this veritable source called social media. Spreading Fake News is the bane of why a lot is wrong in society.  But if we encourage those that spread goodness, it may make the bad ones to change.

Again, I will stop here for now. We have more people who are good, using the platform for good and spreading goodness on social media. You will meet some of them more tomorrow.

Stay active and have fun.

Frankkyn O. Frantos, writes from London.

Feferity © 2019.

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