Brain & Style -A Management Consultant in love with African Fashion

by Feferity

Mrs Adedolapo Aminu wears many hats and do so with grace and panache. A consummate professional (management consultant), writer, devoted mother and wife, she is author of the book, “Searching Greener Pastures”, an engrossing narrative of immigration and domestic issues, currently being scripted for a Nollywood film. She discusses her style influences with Feferity…

What dictates my style of dressing….

It depends on my type of outing.  I dress in classically elegant styles, not necessarily following fashion (trends).  I choose beautifully made clothes and accessories useful and relevant to my life.  My style does not necessarily have to be in fashion as long as it suits me.  Social outing depends on the occasion, type of outing e.g. cocktail, dinner, birthday, wedding. For social outing in my cultural setting, I prefer to go in my cultural outfit.   I love elegant and stylish uncomplicated styles with little or no attachments or frills.  Classic style is timeless. Keep it simple is my motto.

My favourite colours and mix, fabrics etc…

I love royal and turquoise blue, emerald, fuchsia pink with a touch of white. I love voile lace, Ankara, linen and adire. I love silk and cotton materials. I also love my brocade to make my fitted boubou.

Spousal influence – do you dress him, or does your partner influence your choice of dresses?

I take delight in dressing my spouse and he also takes interest in my dressing. When we go out, we try as much as we can to mix and match colours making it a his and hers.  This way we complement one another.

How do you perceive other nationals’ reactions to the national dresses of Africans, specifically Nigerians?

From my personal experience, foreigners are amazed at our dressing, especially the head tie (gele).  I have been told severally that it’s a special skill and quite artistic.  They admire the dressing and love the mix of colours.  I am happy and proud to dress in my Nigerian outfit and I carry myself proudly when dressed in this.

Describe the Nigerian national dressing in three words!

Classy, Elegant and Rich

Project the future for African/Nigerian fashion. Where do you see it in 10 years?

Nigerian/African fashion is going places just like our Afro music.  It is already influencing other culture from different parts of African and the western world.  We see them in various retailers on the High Street in London.  I can see creativity coming to play and designers playing round with the mix of Ankara/lace, adire/lace, brocade with beautifully rich embroidery.


What are the possibilities / potentialities for the African fashionistas? Do you see a boom like in the Nollywood situation?

Of course, I do.  As long as we Africans continue to be creative, keep promoting our fashion by proudly wearing and showcasing them not only at occasions but as daily wear. Designers make jackets, pencil skirts, tops out of Ankara and lace.  Nothing stops them from being corporate wear as long as they are not too flashy to the extent they become distracting.



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