Unlimited Faaji With Icon Sola Michael

by Feferity

Chilling out on a cold night on Coldharbour Lane

Franklyn O. Frantos

On a night when the weather is as cold as the ice, (if that fits it). When everyone is tucked away in bed under a padded duvet or on their sofa watching the latest edition of Emmerdale. I was in the company of a colleague and ‘co-conspirator’, Segun Fajemisin and ‘Housemaster’ Akeem Olayemi Mustapha of Majestic Restaurant….  situated on Coldharbour Lane, downtown Brixton.

As I enjoyed the warmth of the slow-releasing heat coming out of the radiator on the wall right behind my chair, I was glad the cold I felt earlier is disappearing. Just when I complained of the too iced cold water I was given by the bartender, I heard the voice come up slowly from the loudspeaker and my attention was drawn to the man behind the microphone standing just about few meters away from our table.

I checked again to be sure what I heard is coming from that direction. I Looked up and behold a slightly built man whose voice you will swear did not match his figure in any way, shape or form.

But on this cold chilly night, when any sane person will rather be tucked away in bed, we are being serenaded by a young and upcoming Nigerian Juju Artiste- Icon ‘Shola Michael. Not many have a voice that matches the song they sing but Shola Michael has this unique voice that resonates well beyond his ability and he delivers with it so well.

Icon Sola Michael

This humble and gentleman is backed by just two band-men, they delivered like an orchestra. Every instrument doing its own thing to deliver the much-needed collective melody. Shola as I come to know he is widely called by the patrons, sang some gospel tunes, churns out good juju ballads of yesteryears that reminds you that music is the food of love. He is of course supported by ‘ToploTech’ Temitope Issa Ibrahim who ensures the events is live-streamed to other fans who could not dare to venture into the cold chilly night. What a night, what a piece of music to go with it and what a voice to deliver the melody.

Sola Michael and his Band

 (Photo credit: Nikky Media Photos)

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